25 September, 2006

Want to try my bread?

I try to take the time to bake bread every week. Today was that day.
Newly baked bread smell so good, and they taste good too. The weather was so beautiful, like a Norwegian summer day. I was trimming trees and bushes outside, as the dough was raising inside.

Here is the recipe, it makes 3 loafs:
Mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl.
1.7 kg flour, 1 tbls (ss) salt, 1/2 tbls (ss) sugar.
I use about 1.2 kg white flour, and for the other 500 gr. I randomly mix oats, whole flour, flax seeds or whatever I have handy.
Mix the yeast, 2 pouches, in the fluid, (jeg bruker toerr gjaer -2 pk, men fersk gjaer er ogsaa OK). 2 tbls (ss) vegetable oil, 1.2 l water. Let it be good and warm about 102F (40C).
Work it all together with a wooden spoon etc.
I cover it up and let it raise for about 2 hours, first time. Then kneed out 3 bread, put them in buttered bread forms, and let them raise another 40 min. over warm water.
Heat the own to 400F/200C, and bake on the middle rack for about 29-30 minutes.
Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Du faar jaffall laga saann te meg naar eg komme hjem!!!

strikke_jane said...

Tak for din kommentar på min blog :-). Din egen blog her ser rigtig fin ud. Brødene du har lavet får mine tænder til at løbe i vand, så jeg vil gå i køkkenet og bage brød. Kigger forbi en anden gang.:-)