14 September, 2006

Bored? Me?

I have got to get busy, I have things coming up, which I've got to produce for.
At the moment I am knitting in Malabrigo yarn (Uruguay). Great yarn, soft and great to felt with. Just make sure to watch it, it felt FAST! I use the washing machine, skip the spinning cycle. Why? You could get crinkles that you would never get out.

I use this yarn for purses, I'll be happy to put in a couple of pictures. No patterns exist, except for in my sketchbook. Normally I never make two purses look the same. The fun part is to make it up as I go...

The Malabrigo colors inspire me extremely. When I purchase a new bunch of yarn, I just can't wait to dig into it.
Have fun!! That's what its all about, - isn't it??