11 September, 2006

Shrimp anyone?

Another morning. I will not go to Jazzercise this morning, I have got the flue and don't feel like working out. Elin will probably come by later to see whats up, why I'm home.

There are a pretty big number of norwegians here in Houston. I meet with a group up in Woodlands every now and then, and there are also several groups in the Katy and down town area. It gives us all a change to be in touch with the norwegian culture, to get updatet on norwegian news, and hear all kind of different dialects. We also have the Norwegian Seamens Church south of town.
Friday we went to their annual Shrimp-party / Rekefest. Lots of norwegians there, all wanted to eat shrimp the way we do it at home.
How do we eat them? A load of small, cold, lightly salted shrimp from the Northsea, - on top of a buttered slice of French bread (fluffy white bread). Add Mayo, and a good squirt of lemon. Eat with fork and knife, its messy. Enjoy, - we did!

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