24 September, 2006

My sister and I

Well I have this cute picture and wanted to post it.
It must have been taken on a Sunday.
Mother always dressed us up in dresses on Sundays, often home sewn and in matching colors. She cut our hair herself, she liked it short and easy to maintain.
Then we would be ready to go to Sunday School at the Salvation Army, or she would take us on a hike in the nearby hills, as the Sunday dinner (roast) was cooking in her kitchen.

We always had kittens growing up. A couple of litters each year. Off course, with a barn, a large playhouse, and a large garden, there was room for them all.
My sister and I used to dress them in doll clothes, and put them in the doll strollers. Sometimes it was hard to fit their tail into pants, but it went in with one of the legs... They didn't seem to mind.
We are blessed with lots of great memories, it was a great time.

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Anonymous said...

Det bildet sender jeg til mor...er ikke sikker på om hun har det. Kattene forrøvrig ser ut til å fortsatt like seg på nyeveien :) Var hjemme i helga, og vi holder på å kle uthuset på nytt...tror det vil bli fint igjen...så jo ikke ut slik det råtnet bort.
Mvh Kaj Morten