08 September, 2006

Thoughts this morning

Talked to my aunt Tyra today. She turns 95 in November. She is such a great spirit, she is so young!!
My aunt is the last one living of the 9 Egelandsdal sisters and brothers. They grew up on a farm in the lower mountains. My grandparents where hard working farm folks, up early, and to bed late. My grandfather, Karl, would sit by the fireplace at night, carving wooden shoes for the children. My grandmother Anna, would wash clothes in the little stream by the house, she would weave, knit and sew, and nothing would be thrown out. If the workpants and shirts couldn't be patched anymore, they would end up as wowen rugs on the floor. She would bring food to the guys on the field, knitting socks as she walked along, not waisting any time at all.
The kids all had to work, either by taking care of the younger ones or just plane having to do grownup kind of work. Raking in the mountains, to far up and away to get home at night, sleeping in a tiny cottage made to hold the hay for the winter.
The girls (5) all left home at about 15, to go serve at someones home as a maid and cook.

My mom, who was number 4, died in spring -05, 91 years old. I am very thankful for that I got to spend the last weeks with her. She taught me a lot throughout my life, she was never afraid of attacking a new project, never resting.
The last months she didn't do much, but she knitted to the end. I sat by her bed knitting, keeping her company. She enjoyed watching, enjoying the vibrante colors, exited over the end result.
Her hands where the must beautiful hands. I can close my eyes and see them. Workhands, they never rested.
All I know I learned from her, I am carrying her within myself. Even projects that she never has experienced, she taught me, because she taught me that nothing is impossible, and never to give up.

The last years she knitted socks for everybody, and covers for clothes hangers. She knitted so many that we ran out. Friends had to constantly bring us more hangers from their own closets. The clothes hangers where old fashioned, not longer on the market. I will share with you a picture taken the last fall when I was home visiting.


Anonymous said...

Som mor så datter :)
To produktive sjeler - savner henne og morfar...det blir liksom litt tomt på nyeveien uten dem!

Flott navn på Bloggen din tante!

randi K design said...

Takk for det Kaj Morten, savner deg ogsaa...