12 September, 2006


Well, I just experienced that I lost a whole page because I forgot to save!!**!mf**!

It's been a long day. I have had about 15 women over for lunch today. I was hosting a Candle Party, my neighbor Amy sells candles at home parties. Nice ones, great scents!

A friend of mine brought me a translated english abreviation list, for knitting and crochet. Translated to norwegian that is. Thank goodness, english patterns are hard to read. Most of the time I don't need a pattern, I just make things up as I go.
But the other day I was so blessed to get a pattern from a norwegian blogger. A pattern for a very cute hat (lue) http://blogg.hobbyboden.com/randi/index.php?cat=178. I have made quite a few hats for kids (and adults) with chemo treatments. So now I thought I could try this one. A local store collects them and deliver them to the cancer hospital. Here is a picture of some of the ones I have already delivered. Made with leftover yarn, most cotton.

Basic pattern:
I cast on about 60 stiches, depending of the thickness of the yarn.
Knit ribbing, *P1, K1* or *P2, K2* , 1 inch (2,5 cm)
Then knit in St St about 6 inches (ca.15 cm)
*k8, k2tog*, repeat until end of row
Knit next row
*k7, k2tog*, repeat until end of row
knit next row
keep this pattern going, decreaseing one more for every second row
untill *k1, k2tog*
Knit nexts row
Last row: k2 tog to end of row = 6 sts
Thread yarn through and close.

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