09 September, 2006

In the back yard

We have been sitting outside, the heat isn't as bad as it has been. Jeff is watching sports on TV, and I will hit the bed in a little bit.
It's been a long day. We went and ordered a new kitchen this morning. We have been thinking about it for a while. The one we have is peeling, it has some kind of a plastic layer, and it is coming of.
It will take 4-6 weeks untill the new one arrive, and they can put it in. I know it will be a mess, but it's still exiting, and I will probably take "before and after" pictures.
Eini, one of our dogs is foaming at the mouth tonight. I think she has been in contact with a toad. It was a small one. They are jumping all over as soon as it gets dark, and the dogs likes to chase them.
Last year we had this huge frog sitting in the back yard. It was bigger than a kitten, a "bullfrog". We took some pictures, and it wasn't scared at all.
Scott, my brother in law, is a naturalist, and he teach classes in how to identify the different sounds that they make. We always hear them at night, I think they sound like birds, chirping away.

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Jeff said...

This makes me happy. Like you're here with me.