10 February, 2007

Love for cats

I love cats, but have none...
However, my daughter Ingrid, has two!
Simone and Simba.

Simone is the sweetest cat as long as she is on medication,
if not, she will go insane ever so often.

Simba, however, doesn't know she's a cat.
She prefers sleeping in the bed,
under the cover,
with her head on the pillow.
And of course, she is not to fond of Simone,
because Simone is a cat!


Nora said...

Beautiful cats. I love the way you've photographed them.

Ingrid said...

You know I have not given Simone her Valium in three days now, because she barely clawed me to death when I tried, but she has been acting like a perfect little angel!! (knock on wood)....

randi K design said...

Be careful Ingrid, remember her "Jui Jitsu" attack!

Marihøna said...

Så flotte katter! Den svarte er nesten helt lik den vi har :-)