05 December, 2006

Rice porridge

A Norwegian tradition is putting out "rice porridge" for "Nissen" (the Scandinavian Santa) at Christmas Eve. The truth is, he gets really sad if you forget about him.

It's also a tradition, at Christmas, to hide an almond in the porridge when it's served for the family. The lucky person that discover the almond, will get a price. Most often a small pig made of marzipan.
In our family, "the lucky" would hide the almond, and the rest of us would over eat, searching for it.

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lisa said...

It looks tasty in a warm and sweet kind of way...is it? Somebody (Norwegian!) came into LYS last year looking for yarn to make Nissen hats (felted, and in blue) for her daughter. She described them as the helpful around the farm elves/sprites. I try to say "no bad weather, just bad clothes" in Norwegian every day or so, maybe I'll remember it w/out prompting sometime.