30 December, 2006

Cat pictures and the end of 2006

At the farm where Emilia takes riding lessons,
they have a couple of cats that most willingly hang out with us.
Very cute and friendly, and love to be petted.

Anyway, since I will most likely be busy tomorrow,
I'd like to wish everybody a Happy New Year!
Godt Nyttaar!


Nora said...

All the best for 2007. x

lisa said...

In that second picture, the cat looks like a wild creature! Is it because Norwegians and the Saxons (or is it the Anglos?) are related that sometimes the Norwegian words seem understandable (except when there are a lot of them!) Godt Nyttaar to you too.

randi K design said...

I speak English and German, and they both have lots of "Norwegian" words... Or maybe it's uposite?