04 December, 2006

A perfect weekend

As the first Advent candle was burning, we got a whole lot of dirty work done this weekend. Finally, after 4 weeks with no water and no cook top in the kitchen, we got the counter tops installed. Hurray!
And I'll tell you, the electricians were not even in their car, before I was ready to tile!
It's a fun, but dirty job! Jeff helped me cut the odd pieces, four hands work better then two.
Doing the grout, I like to smear it with my hands, getting it better into the cracks and crevices. Bad idea! After working a 1/4 of the job, I had blisters and bleeding finger tips. There after, I wore out several pair of gloves... With drying time, several rounds of cleaning and cleaning, and more cleaning, the job got done.
We love the result, and we even managed to get in a beautiful Advent Concert in the local church! Music for the soul!
Rounding the day off with a glass of "Gluen wine " in front of the fire place (it's cold here in Texas!!), and we had a perfect weekend!

Someone told me; Christmas is coming up next!

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