20 December, 2006

I have been tagged!

I was tagged by Silja . So now I have to tag 6 people.

This is how it works:
If you have been tagged, each player of this game starts with writing " 6 weird things" about themselves on their blog, as well as stating this rule clearly.
Then you have to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.
Leave a comment on their blogs that tell them that they are tagged, and that they need to read your blog.

My family has been very helpful, the list of my weirdness could have gone on for miles.

Here is some:
1. I play very loud brass band marches when I'm in the car. I love it! Sitting on red light, the car is bouncing up and down.

2. A few months before Christmas I bury lamb-ribs in salt for a few days, hang them to dry for a couple of months, and then eat them at Christmas Eve.

3. I snort when I laugh.

4. I speak Norwegian with English words, and opposite. Who can understand it?

5. I am known to play loud Norwegian music and cry, when I clean the house.
Pretty effective.

6. My kids favorite:
Tired of my children talking with food in their mouths, I yelled: "Don't eat with food in your mouth!" Needless to say I couldn't hold a straight face after that one....

OK, these are who I want to tag: Sidsel, Knitika, Hannesol , Stacey, Marihøna and lisa


turvid said...

Riktig god jul!

silja said...

*ler godt*
du har visst dine ting du også.

God jul!

Stacey said...

Looks like I have some digging to do!