16 August, 2012

Learning about

and settling into a different culture
can be a fantastic experience.

I am also sure of
that if one do not look around with 
open eyes and and a positive attitude,
the experience will feel different.

Some of these pictures was shot
in March this year.

A sharp eye will notice that
the farmer on the corner are selling oranges.
Now in August it is the mangoes
that are in season.

The pictures are randomly taken
from the window of a car,

as we were heading towards the pyramids.

A lot of activities everywhere,
a strong sense of a people
working hard to make a living.

We crossed the Nile,
and we actually stopped in mid-traffic,
 on the bridge,
to get some pictures.

The Nile delta is very green,
and I learned that
the dirt is great for farming here.

As we get more familiar with our surroundings,
I will come back with more pictures.

For right now this is possibly
my favorite outside restaurant so far.

I am looking forward to
our next visit here.

Chicken grilled outside...
and the very best bread you can imagine!

 Thanks for visiting!


heidi said...

it looks wonderful!

siddisisalou said...

Dette er virkelig spennende !

Sallie said...

Wow, Randi, you are braver than I am. I do enjoy your photos though. They are so interesting.

Rani said...

Incredible. I love the shot of the man on the horse. Such a contrast from my mechanized life.

Are you living there for awhile?

hobbyvenn said...

Så fine bilder. Ser spennende ut...