11 August, 2012


...we are here!
After lots of planning and preparing,
we landed safe and sound in Cairo, Egypt.
I am very exited
to have this opportunity,
and to be able to 
experience history this close up.

We are surrounded by 
the flavor of a different culture,
beautiful friendly people,
and a fast moving traffic...

If we pay attention
we might also spot a camel or two..

I laid my eyes on this pretty blanket,
and managed to get a quick picture
as we passed bye.

Thanks to a good friend 
we have already visited
a series of interesting places.

Wool, with cotton backing

My favorite today was a visit to a Carpet School.
I got to see how these intricate
and beautiful rugs are made,
and the expert showed me how to tie the knots.

These wall hangings are all made
without pattern.
They are created by the textile artist
as he/she weave them on the loom.

Close up off the above master piece

It was hard not to spend all your savings here,
especially after viewing the silk rugs.
Silk yarn and backing.

I was told they have 1 million knots
in a square meter!

Well, I just arrived,
so I am sure I can get back here 
another time...
If nothing else I will have to show 
potential guests around, right? 
It has been a good day,
and as an extra bonus,
Norway just took Olympic Gold 
in woman's team handball!
Congratulations to them,
and good night!


LivM said...

En utrolig opplevelse for deg dette Randi. Du suger nok til deg alle inntrykk og om ikke lenge kommer de lekreste mønster fra deg. Ønsker dere lykke til med tiden i Cairo og er sikker på at den blir fantastisk!

siddisisalou said...

Fantastiske fotografier fra et spennende land. Lykke til videre, for jeg forstår ut i fra teksten at du blir vœrende der en stund.

Sølvi said...

Dette blir en fantastisk tid for deg, og jeg er sikker på at du vil bli inspirert til mange nye ideer. Så glad på dine vegne. Gi Emilie en god klem fra meg.
fra Sølvi

Åselill said...

So incredible, Randi, and so wonderful that you share all this with us. I guess one day you will be weaving as well! Do they have "Weave with a twist" classes in Cairo?? - like "paint with a twist" in The Woodlands?? Hehe. By the way, sorry I did not get to give a real good bye hug, but I know you were busy in the end. But now I can visit you on your blog, so it is like you have not gone anyway, and from where you are you give me wonderful times through beautiful pictures and words. Take care! Love, Åselill

Katy C said...

Thank you for the lovely pictures. Hope you continue to post more. My family was fortunate to visit Cairo more than 40 years ago and it's something I have never forgotten.
Katy in TX

randi K design said...

Thank you guys...and I will keep posting...

Siddis back home said...

Lykke til, håper årene i Egypt blir som det eventyret du forventer. Her ser jeg i lørdagens SA at turister advares mot å reise dit, så der er nok spennende .. Fikk Emilia kortet vi sendte til hennes graduation? Håper hun vil trives også.

Rani said...

We were rooting for Iceland. But CONGRATS TO NORWAY!

Those rugs are . . . . I'm at a loss for words. They're incredible. Remarkable.

Enjoy your trip and thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs.