24 August, 2012


The Citadel,
a small city inside these solid walls.

There are several Mosque's inside.

This one is called Mohamed Ali Mosque
and is the largest in the Citadel.

The Mosque is dark and quiet inside.
Every little piece is handcrafted,
everything you see is a piece of art.

The largest dome seen from the inside.
My pictures are not that good,
so for more and better pictures,
go to this link.

Here is a sense of something
larger than life,
at least that is what I feel...

Not being a Muslim myself
I can feel this is Holy ground,
and we take our shoes off...

As we get outside  again,
we get a peek of parts of Cairo.

It is a very large city,
lots of people living very tight together.

With dust and pollution in the air
our view is a bit hazy.

Maybe I will be able to show some knitting soon.
My yarn has still not arrived,
and I am about to get with drawl.

In the mean time I will play tourist.

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heidi said...

Breathtaking indeed!