28 March, 2012


... from Japan,
contacted me
with this cute idea. 
She used my miniature mittens
as a book mark.

I love it and I think it looks great!

Some years ago
I made several pairs of these tinyest
mittens for a store in Thailand.
The owner had 
a few Scandinavian customers,
and she thought they would appreciate
them as Christmas decorations.

This pair of mittens
found its way to Sapporo, Japan.
Soyoko and her sister
where they sell vintage items
from all over the world.

You can get the mitten pattern here.

Soyoko fra Japan 
sendte meg disse bildene.
Syntes det var en glimrende ide
aa bruke vottene som bokmerke.


Rani said...

So cute! I love it!

hobbyvenn said...

For en god ide. Perfekt gaveide sammen med en bok.

soyoko said...

Thank you Randi!!
I am so glad that you posted
my pictures with your nice and
kind words:-)

My sister will buy some knitting
needles today at handicraft shop
and will try to make it this weekends*

I use your lovely tiny mittens
as a bookmark all the time but
when I am going to read a new book,
I put your mittens at my working bag like a key chain:-)
It both lovely and feel happy when
I saw it*

Thank you again for all your kindness and I hope you will have
a wonderful day!!