05 November, 2006


Yesterday was "Fall Fair" day at a nearby church. This year I was one of the exhibitors, and there was many of us. Not so many with my sort of stuff, and I did have a good location. However, sales where bad, due to fairly low flow of people. The lady next to me had done these kind of sales for 24 years, and told me there would be up's and down's, and that this one was surprisingly slow.
I, however, don't know if I will have patience to repeat the experience, especially not this year, who knows, we'll see.... Maybe eBay?


Stephanie said...

Too bad the art fair was a flop...they can be hit or miss.

So, when you visit the Chicago area for Thanksgiving here are a couple yarn shops to visit (if you have time)

Mosaic Yarn Studio - Des Plaines
I haven't visited, but my mother has picked upsome nice stuff --- sounds like you'll be close too!

Loopy Yarn Store
If you're site-seeing downtown, this shop isn't far from Grant Park

Chix with Stix
If you're visiting Oak Park, be sure to swing over to Chix with Stix --- my LYS!

Dorothy said...

I've been doing a couple of small craft sales for about 10 years now. Sometimes I do good, other times I hardly sell anything. I think of it as a day from the kids, and a chance to visit with people.
But, it's hard to take when your stuff doesn't sell.

Hannesol said...

Det var leit at du ikke fikk solgt noe særlig. Hører her at det er dårlig salg på denne siden av dammen også. Ja, ja, jeg skal i ilden til helga.... Ha en fortsatt fin uke!