17 November, 2006

My new wonder machine

My Kirby is dead! Last week I was dragging the old wreck around the floors, it was laying down, couldn't stand up anymore. It was like dragging a dead body after me. Need arm strength, good workout!!
It was falling apart when I worked with it, that's also the reason for the duct tape all over. Power kept shutting down, due to a loose cord. I had to hold the cord in a certain position, or it would stop.
That was it, I've had it!! I was getting ready to throw it through the window. It was sad, I almost lost interest in my most favorite thing to do over all, vacuuming!! O'boy! (Please don't believe me..)
Anyway, the Kirby has been replaced with a Dyson!! And the best thing about it, - my husband loves it!! Go Jeff!!! This new wonder sucks up dust you never knew you had.....
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Windansea said...

My vacuum died this week too! My teen daughters killed it - I think they sucked up a rubber band or some other debris in their room, and it killed the motor.

Virtuella said...

Takk for heiarop og oppmuntrende kommentarer i min blogg! Det gjør godt å ha noen som heier på en! Og du dæven for en støvsuger, den så flott ut!!! Ønsker deg og dine, over there, en virkelig god weekend!

Rose Red said...

I have a dyson too - I love it!!!

Nora said...

Mine's yellow - they do an amazing job! x

Anonymous said...
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Strikkelise said...

En skikkelig monsterstøvsuger!
En sånn har jeg aldri sett. Gratulerer!

Anonymous said...
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