05 November, 2006

Rosa med krusseduller

I thought I already had posted pictures of this purse, but I guess not.
It was finished last week, and is made from one skein Lambs Pride. This yarn just has a lot of great colors. It also felt well.

The swirls are embroidered on, make sure to keep it loose like the knitting stitches.
When I got it in the shape I liked, I stuffed it and tied a little yarn loosely around it, to make sure it stayed that way. At this point I still hadn't decided how it would look, I had knitted an unattached strap, and a shorter loop, so that I could close it if I wanted to, using a crochet button.
I sewed a blanket stitch around the edge, and crochet in the stitches, one round.

It got lined with a hot pink lining, and it is ready for a stroll at the mall.


Stephanie said...

Very cute...I love the accent details!

Rose Red said...

Even though pink is my least favourite colour - I LOVE that bag - it is great!

Rositta said...

My one and only attempt at a felted bag was a disaester.l I guess I see now that you stuff it to dry which I didn't do. Maybe I should wash it again?