30 March, 2014

Palm leaf furniture

We seem to go for return visits these days,
and visiting with this man, 
his business and his family,
is definitely one of my favorite destinations.

With arms held wide open,
he welcomes us like family.

And before long
we are nestled around him as he works
and give us an insight
to a piece of fabulous handwork
that can only be achieved by
someone who has practiced as he has,
for a long time...

Egyptian tea is served
with a little sugar and mint leaves
from the garden.

On our way here
we picked up bread and tamia
from the local marked.
It could not have tasted better
if it was served on silver plates!

The sun just came out,
we are having a perfect day
in the most relaxing and peaceful setting.
Away from the busy city traffic....

Not far from us is the archaeological site of Memphis.
founded in 3100 BC.  

Not a lot can be seen on the site itself,
but we have the feeling of that the world
around us has not changed
for hundreds of years.

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