30 March, 2014

Not my first ferry trip

across the Nile,
and probably not my last.

Every time I experience something new.

The ferry goes back and forth all day,
bringing the farmers to town in the morning,
and back again at the end of the day.

The line to get on it,
on each side of the river,
gives us an indication of
how important it is for the locals.

The first ferry left us on the river bank,
as it was all ready full.

As we wait, we are in good company,
others have to wait as well.
The guy to the right was just about to jump,
but changed his mind
as the distance from the ferry to the bank grew larger.
To bad,
it could have made a great picture...

As we weren't in a hurry,
we didn't mind waiting for the corresponding ferry
starting from the opposite bank.
The air was very dusty this day,
as it can be this time of the year.
Sand everywhere so close to the desert. 

As the next ferry approach
my camera captures
a couple of near by boats.

A little bit of sunshine
is peaking through the dust,
and gives us hope for a nice rest of the day.

This ferry is not the best kept boat I have seen,
and would possibly have failed a control elsewhere,
but it doesn't seam to have any problems running.
Not sure if the small boat above is a life boat,
or if it by any chance would float at all.
I'll say probably not,
but in lac of another,
this was the only one on board.

A handful of passengers are eager to get off,
moving out on the ramp
as we get close to the other side.

This little passenger was hitching a free ride.

Whats next for us this day is another story...

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