21 November, 2013

Visiting Khan El-Khalili

Not far from home,
about half an hour drive,
we can walk the narrow streets 
of Khan El-Khalili.

 It is still the morning hours,
the water is from scrubbing the streets.

It is a very old part of Cairo,
it dates back to year 1382,
a colorful bazaar district,

with hundreds of little stores.

The owners
very willing to show us
their merchandise.

Many are still doing 
various traditional craft. 

There is a lot that catch ones eyes,
or for the above picture,
also the nose...
Dried spices in colorful bags.

These days there are not a lot of visitors,
so the shop owners
are working hard for the money.

We come here, again and again.
This area has a very special feel,
and we tend to discover something new every time.

Thanks for tagging along!


hobbyvenn said...

Så spennende å se. Flotte bilder..

Siddis back home said...

Flott og farverikt, rene '1001 natt' du lever i! Ha en fin, fin helg!

Hanne said...

Fine bilder. Spennendes å se bilder fra en, for meg, ukjent verdensdel.