04 November, 2013

Astri mi Astri

 As summer changes into fall,
and we are on the first step
of winter many places,
I realize it has been a while
since I have followed up 
with blogging.

Not that I am so busy,
I just get hooked
with different stuff.

Following our summer vacation,
we moved from one apartment
to another.
It happened unplanned
and a bit fast,
but it seams like most
loose ends are coming together now.

It's half mitten time,
- again...

I think I get in to a steam
where it sometimes can be hard
to change direction.
First mittens,
then shawl,
back to mittens.
They remind me of snowy days,
- that I miss...

Thank you so much to
test knitters,
 and proof readers!
 You have all done a great job!!

These above are worked by
The pictures are amazing!
Thank you for letting me use them!

This pattern is done,
posted and ready to go.

Have a nice day!


Siv said...

Nydelige pulsvarmere! Jeg måtte bare ha det mønsteret med en gang. Tusen takk! :o)

hobbyvenn said...

Nydelige pulsvarmere. Deilig når de er litt lange og varmer oppover armene..

Liselotte said...

De er virkelig fine. Jeg kan lide lange pulsvarmere, så vinden ikke kan smutte op i ærmerne :-)

stikkari said...

Wow, these look very nice! Makes me wanna knit a pair too :)