03 October, 2010

Morning glories and a baby project...

My Morning glories are beautiful this year.

I seed them every year,
but have always had the blue variety before.
These came out in this deep pink,
and I love them!

The weather is georgeous 
and I have spent some time outside
with a new baby project.
It will be a long legged, long sleeved suit,
for a Texas baby.
She is expected one of these nearest days,
so mormor better get busy!

And yes, the mother to be wanted a suit,
despite the warm climate here.
The idea is that she can use it 
when the baby is strapped in the car seat,
instead of a blanket.
We'll see....
 Strikker en babydress i et helig Debbie Bliss garn.
Gleder meg til denne er ferdig..

Since we are talking pink here,
I just have to add this picture
taken a couple of weeks ago.
Waterlilies are so pretty!


Tino said...

Nydelige bilder, og så sommerlig og deilig det ser ut.
Her har høsten kommet for fullt med regn og 8 grader i dag.
Nydelig farge på strikketøyet ditt.

Klem T

Margith said...

Dejlig delikat lyserød farve på garnet og smukke fotos :-)

Vilma said...

Som altid , Nydeligt , både det strikkede og billeder :-)9