14 April, 2010


  On my way to the grocery store today 

I realized that one of my garden lizards 

was hanging on to the wind shield for bare life.. 

Poor thing! 

His four legs stretched out, 

stomach pressed to the window. 

I saw horror and panic in his little face! 

(This is not the Explorer, however this one lost its tale the other day...)

I guess he must have been hunting flies on my car this morning. 

I had gotten to far to be able to return home with "him" 

(have to admit I thought about it, I love our lizards..!), 

so I drove into a side street with several trees, 

worried that he otherwise would end up 

at the parking lot of the super market, 

not a good place to be if you are a lizard! 

However, end of story, 

he now lives in a tree 5 minutes from here, 

but I wonder how to inform the rest of his family....




Ruth said...

Huff da. Det blir vel nesten som å ha flyttet utenlands det - i firfislekretser.

Artige skapninger. Skjønner godt at du liker dem.

Vantene dine under her er skikkelig lekre. Jeg skal ha dem i bakhodet.

Ha en super dag da du.

Vilma said...

Stakkels lille fyr og hvor godt du kunne 'hjælpe' ham .
God dag til dig og dine , her i DK skinner solen lystigt :-)

Emil said...

Eeek!! My fave colored little fellow :))...one thing what I haven´t done is all kinda lizards...but...never know what might happen :)))))))
Great picture!!

Stubbetufsa said...

Stakkars liten, og så flytte fra familien sin så ung...

Rani said...

Ha ha ha!!!! I would have done the same, or had I been with you, I may have insisted you turn around and drive him home while I held him. Poor thing! I've been known to pull over for spiders in the same predicament and I can't STAND spiders.