02 April, 2009

A challenge!

Two bloggers, Aileen and Anlen
have both given me this challenge,
than you very much!
It work like this:
Pick the 6. picture from folder #6 in your photos,
then challenge 6 of your friends to do the same.

This picture is actually from one of the shelves
in my curio cabinet.
I have a lot of memorabilia,
and like to keep it visible,
but still a little out the way.

The young lady in the old frame is my mother,
I believe she was about 20 years old here.
The little doll was given to me by my cousin
when I was about 6 years old.
He used to sail all over the world,
and this doll came from South Africa.
The book "Mine Glans"
I have had from about the same age.

My house is full of old pottery.
I love the old coffee pot,
and on the old coffee cup you can read "Bestemor",
witch translates to "Grandmother" from Norwegian.

I will not pick anyone specific for the challenge,
but please have fun
and challenge yourself if you want to!

1 comment:

Strikkelines said...

Heeeeeiiiiaa...hørt du æ ropa? Sku bare ønske dæ ei knakanes go helg der borte....håpa det e bra med dæ