09 August, 2007


I have been nominated as a

by Lille Blå ,
a great Norwegian knitter,
very talented knitter with a great sense of humor,
I really enjoy this one..
and by Gawo,
a Norwegian biker with the most beautiful pictures
from all her travels.
All on my favorite list.

I am asked to keep this going,
a great way to share some great blogs.
To bad I can only mention 5...

This time I want to nominate:

1. Silja Devine
who aways inspire me with her great knitting and engagement.
She also just had an adorable little baby boy.

2. Den gode feen
who somehow manage to keep
a light blue or pastel color scheme
through most of what she make.
Her interior pictures are awesome!

3. Hege
For her beautiful knitting,
and great explanations as she moves along with her projects.

4. My friend
a new blogger, and a fantastic jewelry artist.

5. Black Dog Design
for her delicate blog,
beautiful designs,
and for sharing her patterns.

And I could most certainly keep going,
the list of creative girls in cyberspace
is never ending...


Nora said...

Congratulations on your award - and thank you for the nomination. :)

knitnzu said...

Congratulations Randi!

GAWO said...

Så moro at du tok imot nominasjonen. Og takk for at du nevnte meg på siden din :-). Jeg ble glad da du viste oss veien til 5 nye spennende blogger. Nå skal jeg ta en titt hos alle og jeg gleder meg til det.