07 October, 2012

Mohamed "Alabaster"

Everybody need to visit 
the Alabaster Factory!

It is located on the edge of
 the "Garbage City" in Cairo,
close to the Citadel.

This is a family business,
at least two generations
works here.

We were here first time in March 2012,
and today we were
welcomed back.

Mohamed is a happy guy,
and a good sales man.
He will welcome you to the shop!
The factory has also two outlets in Maadi,
one at road 9 and one at road 231.

The factory has a large show room.

Table lamps, chandlers, sconces,
vases, jars, soap dishes and more.

The Alabaster shows its real beauty
as soon as it is held up
against the light.

The floor lamp above went home with us,
among a few other things.

The alabaster rocks gets transferred 
in to pieces of art.

The workers are doing a fantastic job!
Every rock is beautiful polished
to perfection.

Happy faces all the way around..

Outside on the street
I met these cute girls and their younger brother.
They were practicing their English
and asked to be photographed.

Hope you enjoyed the trip.
Have a great day!


snakkemunn said...

Ser ut som vakkert håndverk. Kos deg med ny lampe. Klem :))

Berit's said...

Nydelige ting. Litt misunnelige, det er slik jeg liker å kikke på. Forstår du har det fint. Stor klem

Rani said...

Wow. That is so interesting!

Miranne said...

Nydeleg arbeid!

Korleis er lungene deira, tru? Ser ut som det er mykje finstøv i lufta der inne.