22 July, 2012

Norway in my heart

So I had another trip 
to my country of origin.

Norway is so easy to love,
with all its beauty.

Our very good friend invited us
to her summer paradise.

I have no idea what took us so long,
but this year we made sure
to mark it on our travel route.

No complaints!
What a wonderful place!
 After a couple of busy weeks,
meeting with friends and family,
this place was heaven sendt.
So quiet and peaceful...

My heart is there more often
as years go by.
I wrap my thoughts around
moments and memories,
friends and family,
and also loved ones lost.

Our lives change,
for good and for bad.
Someone once said to me that 
God will not give us more than we can handle.

Sometimes I wonder about that,
I guess we are not supposed to 
understand it all...

A blessed day to everybody...



elin said...

Nydelig Randi mor, både ord og bilder.

siddisisalou said...

Vakkert land og gode ord - takk for at du deler de med oss ! Og nyt hvert et øyeblikk - det har jeg lœrt . .. .

Ruth said...

Sjelshvile har jeg alltid kalt den følelsen jeg fikk når jeg var hjemme i Norge igjen. Omtrent som om røttene mine fikk vann. :)
Det faktum at det også finnes store sorger her forandrer ikke på det.

Ha en god sommer videre, Randi.

Julia Thom said...

My new favorite blog! I discovered you through Muffins Verden. Lovely pictures, (I, too, love Norway), wonderful mittens (in Houston? Egypt?) and photos! Thanks for writing!

Vilt og vakkert said...

Heisann! Yes I live in a wonderful country, I'm grateful...

Hugs from Bjorg Nina