30 June, 2010

Summer time....

I love bringing my camera with me every where,
and sometimes,
especially in Norway,
I produce more pictures then knitting.

This fabulous picture above
is however from my sons camera.
He has this great wooden boat
called a "seksring".

Lots of work to take care of it,
but a beautiful piece of architecture!

Have a great summer!

Rain or shine,
I am enjoying mine...


snakkemunn said...

Nydelige bilder. Ja, dette er Norge. Ok, det er viktig å ta de dagene vi får med sol og glede oss. Kos deg på din "hytte". :))

hobbyvenn said...

Du verden så nydelige bilder. Ser ut som dere har fine dager her i Norge...

Rani said...

I've never been to Norway (not yet, anyway) but if the weather is anything like Iceland, then it's true - rain or shine - both are so beautiful, dramatic, moody, bright. I am enviously of all that nature and peaceful inspiration around you. What a treat.

Will you be buying yarn/fleece/roving while you are there?

Sallie said...

Thanks for the lovely photos, Randi. I will have to put Norway on my 'must see' list.

Stubbetufsa said...

Deilige feriebilder!