12 April, 2008

"Cute as a boot"

I have made many, many,
of these baby booties,
and finally got the pattern written down.
It was by requests from several other knitters.

The pattern is available
in both Norwegian and English.

The booties are knitted in garter stitch and felted.
It has a small crochet button for closing,
and fit a newborn.

Jeg har strikket mange av disse,
og garnet jeg har brukt er PT2.
Endelig har jeg fått skrevet ned
etter at flere har spurt etter det.


Harpa J said...

Så söte de er!

StarSpry said...

Those are so adorable!!!

BellaDonna said...

Nydelige babysko, varm og god for små babyføtter.

lene said...


Muffin said...

Skjønne, aldeles!!