04 March, 2007

Saturdays hat

My nephew's favorite colors are green and blue,
he told me...
So a hat for him it will be!

The pattern came out of this book:
"Hats- Knitter's dozen"


knitnzu said...

Nice hat! Have you seen Charlene Schurch's "Hats On!" book? She has a similar hat, and I think a Komi hat (is that Norwegian?) amongst others. I learned how to cast on purlwise with a long tail cast on from her book.

Hannesol said...

Hei Randi :) Takk for hilsner i bloggen. Prøver igjen å legge igjen hilsen her... Ha en fin uke!

cindy said...

Great hat....good color choice for the spring!

Syersken said...

Hei Randi:)
Så koselig at du har besøkt bloggen min.Kom snart igjen.
Masse fint å se hos deg,har kost meg ordentlig.