15 October, 2006

En tung dag

Its raining today. The kind of rain we have in Norway. Although it's not the sideways kind, it's the nonstop,
not to heavy, kind. Makes you sleepy.....

We had plans to go to an Art Exhibition down town,
but since it's an outside happening, we guessed it would be muddy and cancelled our plans. And I am very happy with that decision, because, we got to do some much needed work inside.
New kitchen is arriving next week, and the ceiling light fixture needed to be replaced with spot lights. It was way dated, and pretty ugly.
To the sound of the Sunday football game, Jeff rolled up his sleeves, and climbed to work..... I was ready to dial 911.......
3 hours later, mission accomplished, it's done!
It look a little like a Swiss cheese at the moment, but all it needs now is some touch up, cover the wholes and add new texture.

So maybe we'll take that nap after all....

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